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Rainbow Kisses (Sold Out - Will be back soon!)


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The Classics 3-Pack!


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Summertime Classic 3-Pack!


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Choose Your Own 3-Pack!



Fruit stand fresh! Light and fluffy with a sweet Apricot taste. Swoon!

Caramel Apple

Pick this fall favorite flavor! Caramel apple that tastes like it was just dipped in caramel.

Ginger Peach

Ginger mixed with a pleasant peach twist. Oh ginger snap!

Candy Cane

Hi Ho Ho! This is a candy candy puff! Magic!


Seasonal Favorite! We love our gingerbread sugar puff!

Blueberry Pie

A berry delightful slice of fall. Blueberry fields forever.

Butter Rum

Creamy, light and delicious! We have mixed some honey and lelon to make a Hot Toddie!

Rock n Rye

We did a Faygo inspired cotton candy! We grew up loving the Rock n Rye soda, & to honor the flavor, we mixed our sweet raspberry & cream soda! Fizz! Pop! Yum!

Fruity Pebbles

Enjoy Fruity Pebbles without the bowl and spoon.

Blue Raspberry

A kid favorite! Who are we kidding, this is loved by everyone! Even kittens!


Creamy and sweet! This is a true fall treat.


No sour grapes with this explosion of yum! A fun purple puff for everyone.

Strawberry Champagne

Celebrate with our favorite combination! You can even request blueberry or peach! Cheers!

Honey Lavender

Sticky sweet! Our honey floss is light & sweet, mixed with a lovely floral, earthy flavor.


This has a kick! We love the sharp cinnamon flavor in this sugar puff! Cinnamon is a great flavor to mix!


WowFull! This sticky maple puff needs no plate.


This marshmallow flavor is pure magic. Enjoy this fluffy and puffy snowflake on a stick.

Mango Chili

Ay! Ay! Ay! Spicy & Sweet. This is one spicy puff.

Birthday Cake

Celebrate everything!! We call it Birthday Cake but it can be baby cake, wedding cake, Cake, Cake, Cake!

Honey Rose

Flavor besties! Honey and rose for life!

Blueberry Champagne

Bubbles and blueberries out there, you have been warned!


We’d like to think Beyonce named her album after this zingy flavor.

Amaretto Cappuccino

Coffee Lover’s unite! Wake up your taste buds with this delicious cappuccino flavor. You’ll like it a latte.

Cherry Cola

This fluffy and delicious flavor is sweet like a chic-a-cherry cola.

Coconut Curry

Coconut with a spicy curry kick!!!

Banana Split

Go Bananas over this delicious flavor. Banana split, anytime, any place.

Chocolate Mint

Girl Scout inspired, Spun Sugar perfected. This is a wonderful combination of flavors!


Born and raised in metro Detroit, twin sisters Megan and Mandy created Spun Sugar Detroit with one goal in mind – to make the world a sweeter place. After trying to find organic, chemical-free treats for their children with limited results, the two got their wheels spinning.

Introducing Spun Sugar Detroit – all natural cotton candy hand-spun with love. The ingredients are simple: organic sugar, plant based dyes, and natural flavoring all creatively crafted into an assortment of delicious and unique flavors including Mango Chili, Ginger Peach, Lemonade, and Pineapple! So many flavors to chose from! All of them are sweet in their own way! So yummy!

We are constantly striving to test the limits of our creativity and expand our fairy floss recipe book.

Spun Sugar Detroit offers unique flavors for all ages with new flavors like Green Tea, Fruity Pebbles, Cabernet, Blueberry Champagne, Plum Apricot and Wildberry!

For more information about having Spun Sugar Detroit at your next event, view our services page or inquire here.

Experience Confection Perfection. We got this!